Crochet Home Decor Patterns Perfect for Winter

Crochet home decor patterns perfect for winter! Including crochet coasters, crochet pumpkins, crochet pillows, crochet ornaments, and more!

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36 free crochet home decor patterns perfect for winter! Including crochet coasters, crochet pumpkins, crochet pillows, and crochet ornaments!

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Ok, friends, I’ve been keeping a secret but today is the day to share some good news with you! 

Some designer friends and I have gotten together for the Third Annual 30 Days of Cozy where we’ll release 36 free and premium designs over the course of the next 30 days and you’ll get to download the PDFs for free!

That’s right, a new designer will be featured each day and they’ll be sharing an amazing holiday crochet home decor design just for you. I can’t wait…it’s going to be epic!

You can keep up to date on each day’s new design, right here!

The first two designs, released today, are incredible, but I know what you’re thinking, 30 days is a long time to wait for all these amazing designs…and that’s where the even better news comes in…

Because we know you’re busy and might not want to check back for each new design, you can get the entire bundle of 30+ crochet patterns TODAY in The 30 Days of Cozy Pattern Bundle.

This fabulous bundle is a collection of all 36 crochet patterns from some of your favorite bloggers and designers and it’s on sale for a limited time for just $18! That’s 87% off the retail price and a value of over $140 in beautiful, cozy, patterns perfect for selling, gifting or treating yourself. 

You can’t miss it!

I’m so excited to share that my design, the First Snowfall Pillow, will be included in the bundle, just in time to add it to your fall maker-schedule..


The First Snowfall Pillow pattern is a textured Tunisian crochet pillow made with Lion Brand Woolease Thick and Quick in Fisherman and Yarnspirations Bernat Baby Marly in Cloud Pink and 8.0 mm Tunisian crochet hook. It’s the perfect pillow to get cozy with this winter! Honeycomb and bobbles make it super fun. Use it to add some cuteness to a nursery or any other room! You can even showcase different sides according to your preference! Included you’ll also find a free coaster set pattern that is great for using up the leftover yarn!

As part of the 30 Days of Cozy event hosted by Pam from Made With a Twist, you can grab this pattern for FREE just for today, from 8 PM EST 09/24/2020 to 8 AM EST on Sep. 26th on Ravelry! Head to my post here to find out how to get it free!

Did you catch the 30 Days of Cozy Bundle last year? If so, you already know the quality and professionalism of each design that Pam, the Crochetpreneur includes in the event. 

Now, you get another chance to add some more absolutely fantastic patterns to your collection and I can’t believe they’re all included for just $18!

Don’t miss out on this limited time offer as these patterns will never be offered at list low price again.


36 free crochet home decor patterns perfect for winter! Including crochet coasters, crochet pumpkins, crochet pillows, and crochet ornaments!


  • The Pinewood Pillow from E’Claire Makery
  • Faux Fun Wreath from Made with a Twist
  • Cozy Bobble Pumpkin from Juniper and Oakes
  • Christmas Tree Coaster from Cosy Rosie UK
  • Quick Crochet Baskets from Kickin’ Crochet
  • Berry Baby Afghan from Crafting Each Day
  • Terni Pillow cover from Rebekah Haas
  • Cozy Fireplace Ornament from Wayward Pineapple Creations
  • Peppermint Candy Coaster from Ambassador Crochet
  • Cozy Kitchen Towels from Simply Melanie Jane
  • Stashbuster Baskets from Desert Blossom Crafts
  • French Press Cozy from Carroway Crochet
  • Starry Ornaments from Me n’ My Hook
  • Chunky Crochet Coasters from Tying an End
  • XOXO Bunting form CC by Fran
  • Soft and Cuddly Baby Blanket by Lakeview Cottage Kids
  • Pinetown Pillow from Crafting at the Poole
  • Rustic Pumpkin Basket from On Needles and Hooks
  • Bobble Tree Ornament from Made with a Twist
  • Cozy Chic Tea Cozy from Carroway Crochet
  • Dallas Blanket from Two Brothers Blankets
  • Hometown Holiday Baskets from Green Fox Farms
  • Turkey Coasters from Crochet and Positivity
  • Joy Candle Covers from Ned and Mimi
  • Luxe Boho Stocking from Nana’s Crafty Home
  • Coaster and Hot Pad Set from Bliss This by Amber
  • Pumpkin Set from Grace and Yarn
  • Pouch Ornament from Made with a Twist
  • First Snowfall Pillow from Noor’s Knits
  • Fun Towel Ring from Simply Hooked by Janet
  • Snowflake Coaster from Crochets by Trista
  • Mocha Me Cozy from Through the Loop Yarncraft
  • Get to Work Lap Blanket from Stitch in Progress
  • Cabled Candle Wraps from Sweet Potato 3
  • Eco-duo Trivet from Eco-minded Stitches
  • Sunflower Placemat from Crafty Kitty Crochet
  • Bloom Placemats from Fosbas Designs

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36 free crochet home decor patterns perfect for winter! Including crochet coasters, crochet pumpkins, crochet pillows, and crochet ornaments!

Pin this post to your favorite board for 36 crochet home decor ideas

36 free crochet home decor patterns perfect for winter! Including crochet coasters, crochet pumpkins, crochet pillows, and crochet ornaments!

If you like the First Snowfall Pillow make sure you check out my Tunisian Luxe Pillow Pattern.

Kids Ramadan DIY Craft – Shooting Star Wall Hanging

Enjoy a free kids Ramadan DIY activity for children 7 years and above - a free video tutorial for how to make a star fringe wall-hanging!

If you are looking for a fun kids Ramadan activity to do during the day, I’ve got you covered.

This post contains affiliate links.

This is a cute Ramadan craft for children ages 7 and above. It involves a little bit of crochet and some fringe! After finishing this project, you’ll have a cute addition to your Ramadan decor. The great thing is you can make it in many different colors and add it to your kids’ room beyond Ramadan!

Kids Ramadan DIY – Materials

You can even go to a local craft store to purchase these materials. Joann, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby may have everything you’re looking for. This craft is inspired by Purple Ramadan which is why I used the purple and gold. You can let your little one choose the colors they would like to use. The only suggestion I have is that the yarn for making the star should be a size 5 bulky yarn. This is the type of yarn recommended for crochet beginners.

Kids Ramadan DIY – Full Video Tutorial

Enjoy a free kids Ramadan DIY activity for children 7 years and above - a free video tutorial for how to make a star fringe wall-hanging!

If you have any questions, you can send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Don’t forget to share your beautiful creations with me on social media. Tag me on Instagram @noorsknits and use the hashtag #noorsramadandiy. I can’t wait to see everyone’s different versions.

If you’d like to try learning some more crochet, you can check out my YouTube channel. If you’re looking for some Eid gifts, you can check out my Ramadan/Eid Products roundup over here.

Nicolle -Mama Designer of Cute Baby Blankets

Nicolle is a fellow mama designer and has designed some amazing crochet baby blankets. One thing I love about her work is that it is always so neat! Her focus is on DIY with a simple and timeless touch.

Nicolle is a fellow mama designer and has designed some amazing crochet baby blankets. One thing I love about her work is that it is always so neat! Her focus is on DIY with a simple and timeless touch.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business.

On the mom side of things, I have 2 kids (1.5 and almost 3). I am a veteran and my husband is still in the AF, so we move around a lot. It’s a challenge to parent without family around. So that’s a big part of things too. I’m a meteorologist by trade, and kind of as a tangent to that I’m a huge Earth lover and maybe a little bit of a tree hugger. I just started blogging regularly this past year, mostly crochet inspiration & patterns but also some other DIY things (I’m kinda big on holistic stuff). Baby blankets are my jam though! My patterns are available in my Etsy/Ravelry shops, but I don’t sell finished products because I don’t have the time! However I do have a life goal of doing a craft fair.

How many years have you been knitting/crocheting for?

I’ve been crocheting for a little over 20 years, which makes me sound really old, ha! When I was 11 years old, I learned from my grandfather’s wife. I made a blanket for my baby cousin, which I actually saw in recent years and and let me tell you it’s pretty horrific! But I’m honored that she kept it. She’s in college now. My friend taught me to knit a few years ago, but I haven’t explored that too much yet.

What are your current WIPs?

Always so many – I’ve been working on All About Ami’s Granite Cape for almost 3 years now! It’s almost done :). I mostly like to come up with my own stuff though. I’m working on a new baby blanket, a blanket for a friend’s May baby, and a temperature blanket that will represent my daughter’s first year of life. Clearly my fave thing is making baby blankets!. There is also a half finished throw blanket that honestly I probably won’t pick up again until Fall.

What is your favorite thing to design and why (Spoiler alert: it’s baby blankets)?

Blankets are really my jam. I especially love baby blankets, because I love trying to incorporate the receiver’s nursery theme and personality, etc. Since blankets are just simple rectangles, they are like a blank canvas and a challenge for making something interesting and worthy.

What are your goals for this year?

I want to put out 10 new crochet patterns. I’m working furiously on creating the projects now before I get more busy with the kids. So far I’ve put out 2, have 4 in progress and 4 more planned out. Most are blankets 🙂 I hope I can get to them all!

How do you balance mom-life and making?

This is a huge challenge and the reason I’ve been working on my Granite Cape for almost 3 years. My son is almost 3…coincidence? lol. There are a few things I’ve realized recently though. First, if you want something bad enough you will make time for it. Maybe “find” time is the better answer. I literally carry my project bag around the house with me, and the moment my kids are playing self sufficiently (and not wrestling each other) I pull it out and make some progress. It also helps when I bring it with me everywhere I go because car naps are a real thing with my 1 yr old.

Also, I know I need to be intentional with my time and not go down the rabbit hole on Instagram or get caught up with the TV. That’s time that can be used effectively to get things done. It’s also important to have intentional rest time. I’m a huge introvert and I neeeeed to rest. I’m also 30 weeks pregnant – yikes. What I still need to work on is balance. Balance is a big one for me. Trying to balance the “work at home thing” and dedicating time to work while trying to be an attentive parent is challenging . Mom life comes with so much guilt, so I try to make sure I’m not taking away from my job being a stay at home mom. Some days I just don’t get to do what I want but that’s life (preaching to myself here!).

One piece of advice for fellow mama makers?

Just be understanding of your limits. It’s true that you can make this work, but maybe you won’t grow quite as fast as you want to, or maybe you’ll have a lot of setbacks. But that’s okay. Your priority is your family. Don’t make excuses for not reaching goals, but give yourself some grace because momming isn’t easy and you’re doing the best you can.

Here is one of Nicolle’s beautiful baby blankets. This is called the “Sweet Georgia” baby blanket, which she made for a Georgia girl. It’s an infinite granny square with a scalloped border and ribbon/bow, and definitely has an heirloom quality to it. She loves the intricacy of it while still having a timeless feel to it. This was the first baby blanket she made after taking a long hiatus moving to Germany and having kids, and it’s extra special to her because the mama she made it for had tried long and hard for her baby girl. You can find this pattern on her blog and in her Etsy shop.

You can find Nicolle on Instagram, Facebook, and her blog. Find her patterns in her Etsy and Ravelry shops!

You can find a recording of the Live that I did with Nicolle here!

If you are a mama designer and/or a poc designer and would like to join me for a Live interview and be featured, you can fill out the form here.

Crochet Baby Blanket – The Creamsicle Baby Blanket

Creamsicle Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern – The Inspiration

It’s funny the way our subconscious mind works. When I sat down with my yarn and Tunisian hook, I knew I wanted to make a Tunisian crochet baby blanket but I wasn’t sure what it would look like. Although I was trying to get into Fall mode, creamsicles were at the back of my mind. I guess I’m not ready to let all summery things go! This along with the fact that I recently made the Sweet Gingham baby blanket (pattern by Toni from TLYarncrafts) and that I have constantly been looking at my book “Tunisian Crochet Workshop” by Michelle from Poppy & Bliss helped the concept formulate in my mind! Completing the Sweet Gingham Baby Blanket ignited a love for Tunisian crochet colorwork and constantly seeing the bright colors that are a signature of Michelle’s work made me subconsciously want to design something with these components!

Below you can see the back of the orange creamsicle crochet square before and after weaving in the ends.

Creamsicle Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern – The Details

This Tunisian crochet baby blanket is my first granny square style blanket using the colorwork technique. I used Big Twist Baby Yarn in Dandelion, Cotton Tail, and Lime. This is a 100% acrylic yarn in weight 4. I also used Caron Simply Soft in Bone which is also a 100% acrylic yarn but in a weight 3. Each square measures approximately 7 x 8 in. So the blanket works up pretty quickly. I am still working on joining the squares and making a border. So you’ll have to wait for another blog post soon to see the finished piece. I’ll be looking for pattern testers soon so be on the lookout for an application by the end of next week! Join my mailing list here to get all the updates!

Inspiration in Sweet Summer Memories

This pattern fits in perfectly with the feelings that I have towards summer. When I think of summer, I think of popsicles and ice cream. I still do love eating these treats although now I have to share with my little man anytime I eat them. Whenever I have a popsicle or ice cream, it takes me back to my childhood when I used to enjoy these yummies with my cousins during the hot summer days while watching shows on Nickelodeon. Read more about what summer means to me and see a recap of my summer over here.

Mompreneur life – How it all came together

Mompreneur Who? – Craft as Therapy

I learned how to knit in 2010, around the time my father passed away. When I think back, I realize that it was a big part of my healing process. I am so grateful I had my aunt there to teach me the basics. I found it so peaceful knitting row after row and somewhere in between I accepted that my dad was in a better place. At this point, knitting was for healing and I never thought I would become a mompreneur.

As time passed, I honed in on these skills by watching a LOT of YouTube videos! I also tried my hand at crochet. Although it requires just 1 hook, I found crochet to be more difficult. I took a break but never entirely gave up. When I came back to it, I got the hang of it and improved over time!

Mompreneur Life – My First Design

Fast forward a few years and I got awesome news: I was going to have Bubs! This meant I could finally make something for my own tiny baby! Being a Spring baby, he became my June Bug and I decided to make a bug-themed blanket for him. I designed the caterpillar applique because I didn’t like any of the designs online. When I was done, I loved how he turned out! I know there are a ton of mistakes which show up here. For instance, my circles were messy as I hadn’t perfected the magic circle technique. Also, I could have done a better job in sewing on the applique. Despite all that, I loved that I was able to take something that was in my mind and make it a reality. It was a one-of-a-kind caterpillar made for my June Bug to come!

This little guy, #noorsknitapillar is what inspired me to become a mompreneur! He's the very first thing I designed for my own June bug!
My caterpillar applique, my first ever design made for my lil‘ June Bug to come! Here, I used Lion Brand’s Pound of Love in Honeybee, Antique White, and Bluebell and used Lily Sugar’N Cream in Warm Brown 

This is when I knew I wanted to share my talent with the world beyond making gifts for my loved ones! It worked out perfectly because I wanted to stay home with Bubs for the first couple of years. I opened up my Etsy shop in October of 2017, just a few months after Bubs turned one!

Mompreneur Life – Growing with My Business

After almost a year of having my business and learning from the maker community, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to focus exclusively on design. Read more here about why I chose children’s pieces as my design focus! With this shift in my business, I really wanted my story to show in a way that people would know my why as soon as they saw my logo. That’s where my Knit-A-Pillar and Hooker-Fly come in. The Knit-a-pillar represents the caterpillar applique which was my first design and the crochet hook butterfly adds to my focus on clothes and accessories for lil‘ bugs till they become butterflies!

Mompreneur Life – Noor’s Knit-a-Pillar

In honor of my blog launch, I created a free pattern for this little guy. You can find the free pattern below or head to my Ravelry store for the pdf. The PDF includes written instructions and a full video tutorial for how to make the caterpillar applique and how to sew it onto a finished project! You can access this pattern and video tutorial on Ravelry by clicking here! If you end up making it, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram and use the hashtag #noorsknitapillar and link back to my blog! I can’t wait to see which projects he’ll be cutely crawling into!

Noor’s Knit-A-Pillar Applique Pattern:

With Color A, make a magic circle and dc 12 into the circle, sl st into the top of the first ch 2. Pull tight and close the circle. Leave a 15 in. tail and cut. Repeat once.
With Color B, make a magic circle and dc 12 into the circle, sl st into the top of the first ch 2. Pull tight and close the circle. Leave a 15 in. tail and cut. Repeat once.

Sew on the 4 circles to your finished knitted or crocheted piece by aligning them as shown in the pictures above.

With Color C, add the antennae, eyes, nose, mouth, and legs as shown in the photos above.

If you would like the inexpensive printable PDF with the full video tutorial, head to the pattern on Ravelry.

If you’re a mama and/or POC knit or crochet designer – I would love to feature you on my blog! Head over here to find out more!