Desamour Designs Interview-crochet patterns for women

Elisabeth’s crochet patterns for women are so beautiful. I came across Elisabeth’s profile when I was browsing the #pocdesignersandmakers hashtag and instantly connected with her. I find her style very unique and I also appreciate that she is an honest and open maker who shares posts about real life making.

You can read the interview below as a Q&A format or scroll to the bottom to watch the recording of the Live. Trust me, you’ll want to watch the Live, it was so much fun!

Meet Elisabeth of Desamour Designs, a fellow poc designer. Here, I'm featuring her and her beautiful crochet patterns for women!

1.     Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business.

Hello. I’m 29 years old and the soul and heart behind Desamour Designs (Pronounced /ʁ/). I learned to crochet in elementary school growing up in Haiti. Desamour Designs, and its many prior names, did not come about until about 4 years ago when I opened my Etsy shop to sell my finished objects. I have now moved away from that and I am focusing on garments, large accessories and home decor patterns. My focus is crochet patterns for women.

As a POC designer, I make it my mission to use my platform to educate my followers about my Haitian Heritage which tends to be shown in the worst light in American media. I often share history, pieces of my childhood there and anything I think my audience should learn about my parent’s country that they won’t learn on Google or via the media.

2.     How many years have you been knitting/crocheting for?

21 years!

3.     What are your current WIPs?

I have one current wip. It’s pretty much done but I need to weave in the ends. I’m still trying to decide the next project. Too many ideas and I just reduced my stash by about 80% and I’m still reducing it.

4.     What is your favorite thing to design and why?

After going through a recent stage of loving everything amigurumi, I discovered garment making last summer and I’ve been in love since. I especially enjoy designing crochet patterns for women.

5.     What are your goals for this year?

I am trying to focus a lot more on my shop this year. Having at least 100 listings is one of my main goals for my Etsy. Also, I want to invest more in my business this year and take more chances. My goal is to grow my business.

7.     One piece of advice for fellow POC makers?

Put yourself out there. Ignore the nay sayers and anyone who might make you feel you’re weak or inferior. Keep YOUR style, do what you like and makes you happy; do not try to imitate to gain exposure.

You can watch the recording of our Live interview here.

Meet Elisabeth of Desamour Designs, a fellow poc designer. Here, I'm featuring her and her beautiful crochet patterns for women!

This is the beautiful Initial Weekender bag pattern designed by Elisabeth. It’s perfect for spring and summer! Find all the details over on her blog post!

Elisabeth is the Owner of Desamour Designs. You can connect with her on Instagram, her blog, or via e-mail:

If you are a poc and/or mama designer and would like to be featured, check out this post. I would love to connect with you!